House of Fun

by lucstclair on December 05, 2012

This is the House of Fun, a comic book featuring funny and often twisted little comic sketches that satires pop culture, violence & mayhem.

The Team

Written & illustrated by Evan Dorkin (Beasts of Burden : Neighborhood Watch, Fun With Milk and Cheese, The Dark Horse Book of Monsters). Coloured by Sarah Dyer. Reprinted and Originally published in Dark Horse Presents #10-#12.

The Pros & Cons

Those devilled dairy duos are back for more blood & violence as Evan Dorkin displays his hilarious and off colour sense of humour in one goofy ass comic book one shot. This isn’t the type of comic I usually collect, which is exactly why I read it. This is a mixed bag of short stories and most of what you’ll find inside this comic are 4 panel comic strips, like the ones you’ll find in your local newspaper. You have the occasional hijinks of Milk & Cheese, two strung out characters looking for a good time at anyone’s expense. The story of The Murder Family, a sitcom about a family who lives to maim & kill, which even has an audience laugh track & clapping. The strips takes shots at comic book icons like the Sub-Mariner, Batman & the Phantom that are sometimes funny and sometimes darn right lame. The funniest & the most clever of the strips is The Eltingville Comic, about a group of nerdy friends who participate at a zombie walk and argue with rivals about how slow walking zombies rule over fast moving zombies. It’s knee slapping fun!

The Outcome

I laughed, I didn’t cry, I sighed, I cringed and I shook my head, but in the end this isn’t my cup of tea. However, if this is your bag, then by all means enjoy yourself, you could do a lot worse.


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