Colder #2

by lucstclair on December 05, 2012

Sane & insane walk the streets of Boston. After waking up from his long coma, Declan & Reece take a stroll outside as an explanation for his condition & his origin is long overdue. They better hurry, because the fear eating individual known as Nimble Jack has picked up Declan’s scent and will bring them together for a reunion 71 years in the making.

The Team

Written by Paul Tobin (Doctor Doom & the Masters of Evil, Prepare To Die!, The Bionic Woman Vol. 1 TP) & illustrated & cover by Juan Ferreyra (Rex Mundi Omnibus Vol. 1, Solomon Kane Vol. 2 : Death’s Black Riders). Published by Dark Horse Comics. #2 (of 4)

The Pros & Cons

You know how they say insane people or schizophrenics live in their own worlds? They hear voices or see things only they can see. The protagonist of this story, Declan shows Reece and the reader the world where crazy people go to. It’s called the Hungry World, a metaphysical dimension where chaos & insanity reigns, with strange creatures, bizarre M.C. Escher like buildings & staircases & the greyest skies you’ve ever seen. I was pleasantly surprised by these turn of events, it’s rare to see something new in comics that still manages to captivate your imagination and stun you sometimes.


So with Declan & Nimble Jack walking the streets freely, you got the protagonist with the ability to “cure” the insane & you’ve got the antagonist feeding off innocent people’s fears rendering them insane. Both ends of the spectrum drawings themselves closer & closer like a month to a flame. The more I see of Juan Ferreyra’s work, the more I crave it. His illustration’s painted style, have a way to really bring out the characters & their surroundings, especially the Hungry World with its end of days look and monsters roaming the streets really give this wacko world a true sense of madness. This issue’s cover is not as horrifying as the first issue, but it’s just as cool and just as morbid.

The Outcome

Dark Horse really nailed it with this new mini series. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and a little insane than look no further. Crazy is sold here and it’s called Colder.


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