X-O Manowar #7

by lucstclair on November 18, 2012

Things are heating up, as a truce becomes an alliance, as Alexander, Aric & the deadly Ninjak prepare for the invasion of the Vine!

The Team

Written by Robert Venditti ( The Surrogates Vol. 1, Blue Bloods : The Graphic Novel, The Homeland Directive), illustrated by Lee Garbett (Outsiders : The Deep, Spider-Man : Danger Zone, Batgirl : The Flood), inked by Stefano Gaudiano & coloured by Moose Baumann. Cover by Doug Braithwaite. Published by Valiant Comics.

The Pros & Cons

Things are definitely starting to get exciting, as the story is starting to take a turn globally, as the aliens known as the Vine will orbit the earth with a Mars Attacks attitude the likes the planet earth has never seen. Partnerships are created, betrayals unfold & an alien army approaches. Aric is really starting to develop as a character he’s no longer alone, as he starts to form uneasy friendships, but friendships nonetheless with the people around him. With the first issue, what started as a fish out of water story has morphed into a fun & intriguing series with colourful characters, larger than life baddies & anti heroes (Ninjak).It’s no wonder it’s my favourite Valiant series.


There’s also a cool glimpse into a little bit of Vine history as we see a young Visigoth male encountering a Vine alien disguised as a young girl Visigoth. Alexander also gives Aric a lesson in Vine History 101. Writer Robert Venditti has produced a wide range of characters, some great storytelling & a shit load of firepower action that’s been building & building since last summer. That melting pot will come to a boil with the “Planet Death” prelude coming in the next couple of issues and I will be cuckoo for coco puffs when that story arc begins.

The Outcome

X-O Manowar is a tour de force for Valiant, make damn sure you’re reading this series.


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