Point of Impact #1 (of 4)

by lucstclair on October 09, 2012

The body of a beautiful woman lands on top of a parked car. A husband surprises a burglar in their home. An impatient man waits for his lover in a hotel room. These events are connected somehow and for homicide detective Abby Warren, it’s just another day on the job.

The Team

Written by Jay Faerber (Near Death Vol. 1 & 2, Dynamo 5 Vol. 1 : Post-Nuclear Family, Noble Causes Archives Vol. 1), illustrated by Koray Kuranel & created by Jay Faerber & Koray Kuranel. Published by Image Comics.

The Pros

I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery, also a good noir story. Those 2 elements go together like peaches & cream and if it’s done right, it can be very satisfying. This first issue starts off right and has the perfect building blocks for a good crime story. It has a mysterious murder, infidelity, violence, criminals and of course cops. Writer Jay Faerber, like a good storyteller, doesn’t waste time with the plot, it’s not called Point of Impact for nothing. Hooks you right in, as the victim falls to her death and lands on top of a car. That’s a great way to start any story, I always say. The accident was meant to look like a suicide, but the cops are not buying it. Along the way we’re introduced to the characters, some could be innocent, some could not and kept me focused until the very last page.


Illustrator Koray Kuranel, who’s work I’m unfamiliar with, does a nice job with the drawings. Beautiful pages & panels in stunning black & white and the way he uses inks really fleshes out the shadows and gives the whole comic a nice dark tone. I also love that cover, as it definitely spells out what kind of story you’re getting into, even before you read it. Looks great.

The Cons

Nothing really negative to say here.

The Outcome

I really enjoyed this comic and if you’re looking to take a break on capes, the supernatural & sci-fi, then this is a nice change of pace. Looking forward to the next issue.


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