Ghost #0

by lucstclair on September 18, 2012

Ex-journalist Vaughn Barnes works as a cameraman for a cheesy “ghost searching” show called Phantom Finders, with the help of his partner Tommy and a new ghost finding widget, they both get a dose of reality when a real ghost in the form of a beautiful woman garbed in white, manifests herself from the strange device. Tragedy strikes when the owner of the device sends two thugs to retrieve it and sends Vaughn & Tommy down the path of danger & mystery.

The Team

Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick (Osborn : Evil Incarcerated, 30 Days Of Night : Eben & Stella, Castle : Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm), illustrated, coloured & inked by Phil Noto (Infinite Horizon, Wolverine & Jubilee : Cursed, Creator Owned Heroes Triggergirl 6 #1-#4) & cover by Jenny Frison (I, Vampire Vol. 1 : Tainted Love). Originally published as three serialized Ghost stories from Dark Horse Presents #13-#15 from Dark Horse Comics

The Pros

An interesting & curious look at what happens to a spectre chasing reality TV show and what happens when the hosts encounter a real ghost. Dark Horse has a brought back an iconic character from the past and place her in modern times into the setting of reality TV, which makes sense considering the type of shows our society watches. I’ve never read a Ghost comic, but I remember those gorgeous covers illustrated by Adam Hughes. This time her two smoking guns seem to have been left behind, but hopefully will make their return soon enough, because they had a real bad ass look to the character. Although I don’t see why a ghost would need guns, not that she needs weapons to kill another human being, as she does something I haven’t seen since Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom.


Writer Kelly Sue Deconnick does a good job re-introducing the Ghost character to new and old readers and also the intro to 2 supporting characters as well. Fun fact : Deconnick is married to writer Matt Fraction of Invincible Iron Man, Defenders & Avengers Vs X-Men fame. Having only seen Phil Noto’s illustrations of Image Comics series Creator Owned Comics, I think this some fine looking pencilling with great precisions that reminds me of Fiona Staples’ style, but not duplicated. Slap a stunning cover by illustrator Jenny Frison and you’ve got a very decent first issue, or in this case a zero issue.

The Cons

Didn’t completely blow me away, but it undeniably has great potential.

The Outcome

With great moments of mystery & humour, this is a solid enough new beginning for a strong female protagonist in a strong male dominated super hero world. I will definitely stick around for the next issue.


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