Harbinger #4

by lucstclair on September 11, 2012

Opinions vary for Peter’s first psychic evaluation, as a new & naïve psiot named Faith is recruited and prepped for “activation”, but Peter is not prepared for what an activation really is.

The Team

Written by Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier Vol. 1 : Haunted House, Conan & The Midnight God, Hellboy Vol. 10 : The Crooked Man & Others), illustrated by Khari Evans (Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 3 : The Book of the Iron Fist, Daughters of The Dragon : Samurai Bullets) with the assistance of Lewis Larosa (The Punisher Max Vol. 1 : In The Beginning) & coloured by Ian Hannin & Moose Baumann. Cover by Patrick Zircher. Published monthly by Valiant Comics

The Pros

Some interesting developments occur, like a little more history of Harada’s past, a new recruit brought in by the Harbinger Foundation and some disturbing facts about how each chosen psiots are brought in for activation, a sort of way to kick start a psiot’s ability to bring them to their full potential and sometimes it’s not pretty (ever see the movie Scanners?). Trying to adjust to this new life of training is difficult for Peter, as he unearths some unpleasant information on what kind of work goes on outside the walls of the Harbinger Foundation. Joshua Dysart’s script is sharp as nails and explores a more personal side for Peter, as tragedy strikes.


Penciller Khari Evans’ uncanny attention to detail is only enhanced with the assistance of Lewis Larosa, Ian Hannin & Moose Baumann. Expressive faces with beady little eyes gives the characters so much life and charisma, I find myself staring at the panels over & over. Looks absolutely stunning.

The Cons

The absence of a true nemesis/villain is what’s missing for the star of this comic, but after this issue, something tells me Peter won’t have to look very far.

The Outcome

This series is definitely Valiant’s finest, as all the elements like great characters, cool powers, a captivating plot, snappy dialogue & beautiful illustrations come together to deliver one hell of a comic book.


Our Score:


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