Massive #4

by lucstclair on September 11, 2012

Being dangerously low on fuel & supplies, the crew of the Kapital makes a stop at Somalia, while Captain Israel searches for what they need and comes across an old acquaintance, but is he friend or foe? Part 1 of “Black Pacific”

The Team

Written & created by Brian Wood (Local, Wolverine & The X-Men : Alpha & Omega, Northlanders Vol. 4 : The Plague Widow), illustrated by Garry Brown (Dark Matter Vol. 1 : Rebirth), coloured by Dave Stewart (Baltimore Vol. 2 : The Curse Bells, Conan : The Spear & Other Stories). Cover art by J.P. Leon. Published by Dark Horse Comics

The Pros

A brand new story arc begins with a new penciller as Ninth Wave continues to search for its missing sister ship The Massive. Some well deserved R & R for the crew of the Kapital, except for Captain Israel who walks the streets of Somalia looking for some food & fuel for his ship. He eventually comes across an old buddy of his from his days as a mercenary, but the conversation quickly goes sour as Cal realizes that some people never change. After the “Crash”, standard currency has changed dramatically in this world, weapons & goods are bought with anything that was considered priceless before the Crash, case in point, there’s enough shark fins in this comic to cater to a dozen Chinese weddings. For an environmentalist like Callum Israel, that’s a tough pill to swallow.


One of the things I like about this series is that with every issue, writer Brian Wood shows a glimpse of the crew’s past, in this case we see Cal as a bad ass mercenary and a very fascinating timeline of The Crash is displayed in great detail. Newcomer illustrator Garry Brown does an average job with the pencilling with his rough edges and square like faces.

The Cons

Not nearly as exciting as the first story arc, but it’s only part one. I wish illustrator Kristian Donalson would’ve stuck around for more than a measly three issues

The Outcome

Regardless of who pencils this series, its still Brian Wood’s baby and I’ll be there to sample every page.


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