Harvest #2 (of 5)

by lucstclair on September 04, 2012

With the promise of his life back, Ben joins Craven’s outfit as his new top surgeon for top clients only, but soon enough Ben starts to question Craven’s whole operation when he discovers the state of one special “donor”.

The Team

Written by A.J. Lieberman (Term Life GN, Cowboy Ninja Viking : Vol. 1) & illustrated by Colin Lorimer. Harvest created by A.J. Lieberman & Colin Lorimer. Published by Image Comics

The Pros

I love this mini series and the direction its taking, ex-surgeon Ben Dane takes the job for this illegal surgical “practice”. He’s also a junkie & an alcoholic, but that still hasn’t blurred his vision of right & wrong, underneath the shadow of the man he used to be lurks a human being with morals. Writer A.J. Lieberman paints an ugly picture about the underbelly of illegal organ donors for the most rich & influential people in the world. You’re a C.E.O. of a very profitable company with a deteriorating liver, but you still love to drink? No problem, if you’ve got the cash, we’ve got the surgery. This issue’s shocking ending packs quite the punch and will definitely make you sympathize with the protagonist. The little ghostly boy that follows Ben everywhere is spooky to say the least, he’s obviously a figment of his imagination caused by booze, drugs, guilt or pure insanity. It’s an intriguing little mystery that I’m sure will unravel itself eventually.


Illustrator Colin Lorimer’s brilliant use of the colors green, blue & red really sets the mood for this gloomy & grim mini series. Green is used for the patients, surgeries and transplants, blue is when the characters are calm & socializing & red is for passion, anger, rage & blood & organs for obvious reasons. This isn’t a feel good comic, so you shouldn’t expect bright rainbow colors. Plus we get another beautifully chilling cover that screams “inside these pages lies humanity at its worst”.

The Cons

I thought Ben’s change of heart was a little premature this early in the series, but that jaw dropping ending certainly makes up for it.

The Outcome

This series has got me, hook, line & sinker. I can’t wait for the next issue.



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