National Comics : Looker #1

by lucstclair on September 02, 2012


Super model Emily Briggs had it all, fame, fortune & any guy she desired, except this latest guy happened to be a vampire. Viciously bitten, drained of blood, the vamp accidentally turns her into one of his kind. Left for dead in a landfill, she’s reborn into one the undead, walking the earth in search of fresh blood to survive. Launching her own super model agency called Looker with the help of her 2 associates, (who knows exactly what she’s become) Emily lives her reborn life as a blood sucking vampire feeding only on those who would prey on her girls, like pimps, drug dealers & pornographers. When 2 of her best models mysteriously disappear, Emily investigates and will come to realize that not only vampires stalk the night.

The Team

Written by Ian Edginton (Aliens Omnibus Vol. 3, Kane & Lynch, The Immortal : Demon In The Blood), illustrated by Mike S. Miller (10th Muse Vol. 1, G.I. Joe Vs The Transformers Vol. 1), coloured by Rex Lokus & Antonio Fabela, cover by Guillem March (Catwoman Vol. 2 : Dollhouse, Huntress : Crossbow At The Crossroads). Looker created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo. Published by DC Comics

The Pros

This is the second of one-shots called National Comics and it’s not as good as the last one (Eternity). With only a single issue, National Comics has to introduce the protagonist, explain the origin, flesh out the characters & throw in a villain. For the most part, they do a good job of that, but with today’s pop culture filled to the brim with vampire related topics, so it’s not easy to impress your audience with something fresh & new. Writer Ian Edginton has made Emily into a strong leading lady with mediocre supporting characters. The plot feels more like a TV pilot from some cheesy show like Vampire Diaries and if that’s your bag, than you’ll love this.


Mike S. Miller’s illustrations are sleek & sexy and fit perfectly with this style of comic, it’s about models & vampires after all, so sexy is a given. The monsters he draws look fantastic, especially the one in the last act is something right out of your worst nightmares. The best looking aspect of this comic is by far the cover, Guillem March’s Emily taking a picture with the “no reflection for vamps” is absolutely gorgeous.

The Cons

If you love vampire stories and you’re looking for something new & original, I’m sorry to say that this ain’t it. They have all the elements of a kick ass vampire comic, except the puzzle pieces don’t fit.

The Outcome

This comic isn’t terrible, it looks great, except there’s not enough here for me to recommend. With great titles like American Vampire, I Vampire & The Strain I just don’t see how I could.

Our Score:


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