Harbinger #3

by lucstclair on August 15, 2012

Peter is taken to the Harada Global Conglomerates in downtown Pittsburgh, hidden from the rest of the world, here he will join a special school of “psiots” where he will be taught to harness & control his abilities. Peter soon realizes that school is school and the very first day always sucks.


The Team

Written by Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier Vol. 1 : Haunted House, Conan & The Midnight God, Hellboy Vol. 10 : The Crooked Man & Others), illustrated by Khari Evans (Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 3 : The Book of the Iron Fist, Daughters of The Dragon : Samurai Bullets) with the assistance of Lewis Larosa (The Punisher Max Vol. 1 : In The Beginning) & coloured by Ian Hannin & Moose Baumann. Published monthly by Valiant Comics


The Pros

The action slows down a tad, but the story gets interesting as new characters & locations are introduced. Like Peter, the reader is given the grand tour of his new home. The Harbinger Foundation is a facility or school to prepare young “psiots” to control their psychic, telepathic or telekinesis abilities (there’s even an instructor who manipulates electricity). These buildings are located all over the planet and are secretly hidden from the rest of the world by using special mind tricks & mind wipes. Think Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants, but kept secret from the general public with a much larger budget and the interior has a futuristic science fiction look to it. Peter is given a rundown on what his training will be like and how many years it will take. There’s also a subplot involving one of a senior “pre-cogs” (the bleeding monk from the first issue) who keeps having visions of Peter’s future and it’s not looking good for humanity. Fans of Hellboy will recognise this familiar plot.


Writer Joshua Dysart’s doesn’t waste any time with the story, as he delves deeper into Peter’s past, it’s no surprise that Peter’s had a rather difficult childhood trying to understand and cope with his then unknown affliction. I was really captivated by the Harbinger Foundations functions and how every student and instructors have different names for their level of mind powers. And it wouldn’t be a school of young students without a good old fashioned “schoolyard” fight to give the comic a little morsel of action.


Khari Evans’ illustrations with the help of Lewis Larosa, gives the drawings a slick and smooth look that makes this comic a feast for the eyes. Colourists Ian Hannin and Moose Baumann use bright colours to showcase these intriguing surroundings. I love the look of the schools uniforms with the Harbinger Foundation bird logo, especially Peter’s grey & blue jacket that matches his blue eyes, except of course when he’s in full power mode and they’re a white hot yellow.



The Cons


The panels are not terribly original, but they’re a fine fit for this comic




The Outcome


I’m really enjoying this series, as I look forward to every new issue. Valiant’s summer keeps on getting hotter with every new comic, not even Marvel’s Avengers Vs X-Men can keep up with this kind of heat (even with the Phoenix Force).




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