Massive #3

by lucstclair on August 05, 2012

The Rundown

Things get hairy as Siberian pirates try to board the Kapital while the hope for finding their missing crew member Mary slowly fades away.


The Team

Written by Brian Wood (Conan The Barbarian, Local), illustrated by Kristian Donaldson (DMZ Vol. 7 : War Powers, Supermarket) & coloured by Dave Stewart (Baltimore : Dr. Leskovar’s Remedy). Published by Dark Horse Comics.



The Pros

With last month’s disappointing second issue, I’m happy to say that things are starting to pick up for this series. Despite the crew of the Kapital being under every pirate’s radar, they still uphold their non-violence policy when dealing with hostiles & eco-terrorists. With the constant threat of being boarded by such individuals in a world gone mad, you have to admire that. Since the first issue, writer Brian Wood has given the crew of the Kapital a lot of character development with tidbits of information about the history of the crew. I like how every issue has more info on the Crash, with specific disaster areas which truly shows how devastated the earth is as a result. I’ve grown accustomed to Kristian Donaldson’s style with every gritty details of a ravaged planet earth.


The Cons

Not too crazy about the cover.


The Outcome

Issue #1 was good, issue #2 not so good & now with issue #3 I’m really starting to appreciate this very unique series.



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