Wolverine & The X-Men #13

by lucstclair on July 18, 2012

It’s a royal rumble AVX tie-in! Gladiator & Warbird, backed with the Shi’Ar empire wage total war on the Phoenix Five. Plus: See a glimpse of Warbird’s past and what shaped her into the proud warrior she is today.


The Pros

A very thrilling issue with a bloody battle between very powerful beings and only one side will be victorious. I like the flashback story of Warbird and how she was born & raised to fight & kill for the empire. The story focuses how she once had a sense of decency, but in the world of the Shi’Ar, that word is meaningless. Written by Jason Aaron & illustrated by regular penciller Nick Bradshaw, who’s illustrations look better than ever.


The Cons

It’s Wolverine & The X-men without Wolverine.


The Outcome

This was a fun issue and one of the better AVX tie-ins. From Marvel Comics.


Our Score:


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