Massive #2

by lucstclair on July 14, 2012

The search for missing shipmate Mary continues as the search for The Massive is temporarily put on hold. Plus: The Kapital’s crew stops at Japan for fuel & supplies.


The Pros

Not a bas issue as the stakes are high as Captain Israel makes a tough decision about their mission. The flashback Japan story adds some excitement to the story. Writer Brian Wood (Conan, Demo) adds some fascinating history to the event known as The Crash and a really interesting Callum Israel timeline. The amount of knowledge Woods gives us is staggering. Kristian Donaldson’s illustrations continue to give us a grim, but beautiful look of the devastation left by The Crash. The cover is by J.P. Leon.


The Cons

For some reason this series is not blowing me away like I thought it would. I wish there was more character development instead it feels more like a history lesson.


The Outcome

Despite my few nitpicks, I still like this series and believe it has a lot of potential. Check out my review for The Massive #1. From Dark Horse Comics.

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