Harbinger #2

by lucstclair on July 09, 2012

Mr. Tull of Project Rising Spirit with fully armed men, attack Peter and his friends as they lay defenceless against their attackers. With the advice of Toyo Harada, Peter unleashes his power on Tull & his men. Creating chaos everywhere, Peter will come to realize that shutting his power off is not so easy.


The Pros

All hell breaks loose with this exciting second issue. We learn a little bit more about the Harbinger Foundation and the players involved. We also go back in time to witness the rescue of a potentially dangerous infant “psiot”. Writer Joshua Dysart keeps the story flowing with moments of intense action and a display of Peter’s gifts that are simply awesome. Penciller Khari Evans’ illustrations are gorgeous with uncanny facial expressions for all characters.


The Cons

Nothing here.


The Outcome

This is potentially becoming the best title Valiant is publishing at the moment. If you have to read only one series from Valiant, make it this one.


Our Score:


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