Uncanny X-Men #15

by lucstclair on July 06, 2012

An AVX tie-in! As the Phoenix Five search for the whereabouts of Mr. Sinister and his underground city, Colossus pleads with the demon Cyttorak to be released of this awesome power and choose a successor.


The Pros

The siege of Sinister City begins here and the next 2 issues will be a bloodbath. As for this month’s issue, it was a decent enough story by regular scriber Kieron Gillen with some decent enough illustrations by Daniel Acuna (Black Widow : The Name Of The Rose).


The Cons

Could’ve been a better issue.


The Outcome

Despite being an AVX tie-in, it still manages to steer a little bit away from the current main event and concentrate on Mr. Sinister’s activities.

Our Score:


A Look Inside