Earth 2 #3

by lucstclair on July 05, 2012

After barely surviving a devastated train wreck, Alan Scott is chosen & reborn into the Green Lantern, while at the same time miles away, Hawkgirl introduces herself to the Flash. And in the end, a familiar villain cries out for a challenge.


The Pros

Wow. For a series that held zero expectations for me, it definitely blew me away, especially with this captivating issue. Writer James Robinson’s (Starman) clever re-imagining of the Justice Society of America (although they haven’t officially been named that yet) gives these familiar heroes & villains a reboot that feels fresh & fascinating. For example, I won’t give it away, but the reason for Green Lantern’s use of a ring for channelling his power makes perfect sense. Penciller Nicola Scott’s visual style continues to astonish and with the help of colorists Alex Sinclair & Pete Pantazis only enhances Alan Scott’s surroundings of bright green flames. And Ivan Reis’ (Aquaman) cover is the icing on the cake.


The Cons

Absolutely no negative comments here.


The Outcome

For those of you who were turned off by last issue’s “gay” plotline or if you quit this title for any other reason, then you’re missing out on one of DC’s finest title. So good I read it twice.

Our Score:


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