Danger Club #3

by lucstclair on July 04, 2012

As Kid Vigilante has more beatings in store for Appollo, the young hero known as Moonlight makes a deal with the devil, or in this case, the President of the United States of America!


The Pros

Here we are on the 3rd issue and already some major questions are answered, I won’t spoil it, but it’s a whopper. It’s a breakthrough in the story as this title keeps impressing the hell out of me. Landry Q. Walker’s script really builds up the tension with this issue and I love how the teen super heroes take charge of their crappy situation. Teen Titans be damned, they were never written to be this organized. Eric Jones’ illustrations are as awesome as ever with by far his finest cover yet.


The Cons

My only minor complaint is I thought that the “big reveal” was a little too early in the series.


The Outcome

This issue really ups the ante and it’s a title I look forward to every single month. Keep up the good work boys. From Image Comics.

Our Score:


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