Darth Vader And Son (HC)

by lucstclair on June 29, 2012

A day by day observation at Darth Vader raising his four-year-old son Luke.


The Pros

This is a funny and heart-warming look at Darth Vader’s ups & downs as a parent. Written & illustrated by Jeffrey Brown. Brown cleverly uses famous Star Wars quotes to display amusing & lovable situations between father & son. Sketches like bedtime, official Empire business & soccer practice will leave you snickering. Quieter moments like playing checkers, nap time & a little boo-boo will melt your heart (especially the very last page).


The Cons

My only beef is I wish there were more pages.


The Outcome

If you’re a parent and a Star Wars fan, then this will definitely appeal to you. If you’re neither, you might miss a few inside Star Wars jokes, but you’ll still enjoy this very sweet & humorous little quick read of a book. If your one of those Star Wars fan who’s looking for this story’s Star Wars timeline, then you’re totally missing the point. From Chronicle Books.

Our Score:


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