Masterplasty (One-Shot)

by louis whiteford on October 03, 2014

Masterplasty  (One-Shot)
by James Harvey

If Masterplasty is sitting on the shelf with the other new releases at your comic shop, it’s probably hard to miss. However, it might not be on the shelf, there might not be room on the shelf. This comic is too damn big to fit on the shelf. Maybe they put it in a highly visible area. Maybe it’s hidden behind the counter. Don’t ask me where it’s at, ask the clerk. I know, I know. It’s more work than you’re used to, but it’s worth it because treats like this don’t come around too often. Its six bucks American, which may sound like a lot for a short one shot and some art, but it’s worth it for the sheer size, for the fun of seeing giant art, reproduced at a scale impossible not to notice. The stuff inside the comic aint too shabby, either.
So, what is Masterplasty, anyway? It’s the story of a man obsessed with image, and the revolutionary plastic surgery technique he thinks can save him. It’s a simple tale told extremely well, with stylized art that’s both cartoony and conceivable. Lots of attention is paid to bodies in Masterplasty. Skeletons are often drawn in with blue pencil, and brain diagrams abound. You will see a man transform his appearance by shoving sticks up his nose, and it will all feel very painful. Throughout the comic, the protagonist and his companion are transformed into different looking people, some pretty, some ugly, some horribly disfigured. James Harvey draws it all very well, even finding ways to make people look too beautiful. You’ve never seen pupils dilate like this.
Masterplasy is amazing. Art nerds should read this. David Cronenberg fans should read this. Comics are truly a visual medium and Masterplasty is one hell of an object d’arte. There’s pages full of sketches, a Q&A with creator James Harvey, and a couple short stories in the back. All for six bucks! It’s one for the ages. 

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