Cap'n Dinosaur

by louis whiteford on July 17, 2014

Cap’n Dinosaur
Written by Kek W
Drawn by Shaky Kane

Shaky Kane’s latest one shot has transcended the ironic detachment that made his previous comics so funny.  Kane knows how lowbrow his stuff can get, and he likes it that way.  Cap’n Dinosaur is no joke.  For better or worse, this comic is completely straight. Kane even pulled in a regular writer with 2000AD’s Kek W.  I wasn’t expecting much deviation from the tongue-in-cheek idiocy that so commonly makes his stuff work, but this was a seriously different reading experience. 

Cap’N Dinosaur is a comic with half a story, and most certainly less than half of a brain.  It’s a free-form drawing exercise.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Shaky Kane simply sent the writer a list of the stupid crap he wanted put into this comic, and Kek-W tried to put as much in as he could manage with zero effort.  There’s a few good clunkers, but it’s all a little much for me.  Hardcore-meta-core-pop-art-poop-art-frankensteins. 

It’s not good.  It’s not bad.  It just is what it is.  It’s got fake ads. 

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Please note that the 0 star rating doesn't reflect an intense dislike for this comic.  It's simply such a weird, insular, piece of art, it's unnaproachable from a traditional critical viewpoint.  It's like Gummo-a great movie also deserving of 0 stars.  Cap'n Dinosaur was not for me.  I don't know who it is for, but this comic will be sure to put a grin on somebody's face.