Ms Marvel #5

by louis whiteford on June 28, 2014

Ms Marvel keeps on truckin.  I’m not entirely sure what to think of this issue.  I was expecting a conclusion, but it’s been drawn out for at least one more issue. 
After some initial action to keep the thrills moving, Kamala gets in over her head, and has to abandon a man in the middle of her rescue mission.  It’s a clever beat, and the nature of Kamala’s shape-shifting powers really help her escape, and it reinforces the safer nature of the book.  It makes it easier for Kamala to remove herself from dangerous situations.  Her troubles at home feel far more pressing than her super-heroic beats.  They’re also more convincingly written.   Kamala’s “cute” attitude is stretched to the breaking point in the super-hero-y training montage that makes up a good chunk of the book.  Bruno is enlisted again as Kamala’s sensei, and he also helps her make the costume we keep seeing on the covers.  Kamala goes through a lot of beats this issue, and that’s what they felt like – beats. 
Ms Marvel  has never been the most original book, but it usually manages to get by on its charms – great art, lighthearted tone, and all that.  Some of that was lacking this issue.  Too many wheels turning.
The villain I was waiting for is still a mystery, though we may have seen him this issue.  It’s not a bad look, and I’ll reserve further judgment till I get some further development.
This issue was a low-point for me.  Not bad by any means, but not an overwhelming chapter in the story.  I’m ready for things to wrap up.

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