Constantine: The Hellblazer #01

by King on July 13, 2015

Constantine: The Hellblazer #01 Main Image
Writer: Ming Doyle, James Tynion IV
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Publisher: DC
I might be a bit enthusiastic, but thus far Constantine: The Hellblazer #1 is my personal best debut of the year (well, second to Luther Strode), and if the series plays out as strongly as this initial issue, then it could very well be the best new series/relaunch of 2015. This coming from a guy who was a bit ambivalent towards the former Constantine series – then again, I did love the pre-New 52 stuff, particularly with Ellis or Ennis at the helms but hey, who didn’t?
Our story opens up with Constantine seemingly materializing in the midst of a clothing boutique, somewhat disoriented and covered in blood. Needless to say, the ever-quick-on-his-feet rogue regains his bearings and has a brief discourse with a specter (currently haunting him?) over the morality of his actions, and their next actions. After pilfering a bit of cash as well as some smokes, Constantine is on his way to a lovely meal of fish & chips, as well as a run-in with an on/off flame by the name of Blithe regarding the supernatural infestation of one of her business ventures. Such is a day in the life of John Constantine.
From the get go, this issue lets loose and refuses to hold back – not necessarily in terms of straight forward action, but in reestablishing the direction with which they plan to carry forward with John Constantine and gang, as well as setting the tone for the gravity and consequence facing John and his actions/choices. This series touches on all the best parts of Constantine be it blurred morality, fiendish scheming, and even literal getting in bed with the devil. Interestingly enough, Doyle and Tynion even unabashedly explored the character’s bisexuality – a fact that I admittedly had to look up to confirm. This is already my favorite release next to Luther Strode, and I am stoked to see where this team takes the Hellblazer next. Here’s hoping to no creative team shifts…

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