Weirdworld #01

by King on July 14, 2015

Weirdworld #01 Main Image
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike del Mundo
Publisher: Marvel
Fair warning: I had NO idea what to expect going into this one, and coming out of it? I think I’m even more confused. I don’t know, I kind of liked it, but I’m still oddly confused/bewildered and it suffices to say that Weirdworld was very much an apt title for this selection.
Arkon, Lord of Warlords, is hopefully lost in the further-reaching corners of Battleworld, separated from his beloved home of Polemachus, where he is king. His journey back to his homeland, however, quickly becomes akin PCP-laced fight for survival through the Battleworld’s most vivid (as well as violent) region: Weirdworld. And in its nethers are all manner of beast, dragon, and gun-orcs awaiting the warrior king, and further impeding his return home.
Sometimes a book calls for a certain level of intellectual coherence as well as patience in order to decipher the many layers of metaphor housing intrinsic philosophical principals meticulous embedded by the creators, and then sometimes you just shut up and read the damn book. Weirdworld is a good case for the latter, as Aaron and Mundo beautifully fashion a world of myth, madness, and magic, where a wayward king must bare tooth and nail to return to his beloved kingdom. I found myself absolutely entranced by both narrative and art with this one, and can’t wait to see Arkon’s next series of shenanigans as he ventures further onward towards glorious Polemachus.

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