Mesmo Delivery

by King on February 21, 2015

Mesmo Delivery Main Image
Writer/Artist: Rafael Grampá
Publisher: Dark Horse
Rafael Grampá is a name seemingly seldom spoken in the comic world, yet one that still carries an uncanny level of force with it. Hailing from Brazil (just like twins Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba), Grampá’s style is one of the most unique and tantalizing in the business (in my own opinion) despite how few works he has out; in fact, the closest I could compare it to off the top of my head would be Tradd Moore, and that’s still a long shot.

Our story begins in media res, as we join a pair of truckers in the midst of delivery, only to stop off at a local bar (pub, tavern, whatever you wanna call it) to wet their whistles; or, at least one of the two elects to do such. This unremarkable pair seeks only to drop their load for the sake of making sweet, sweet ends, but of course their mission carries with it a sole charge to ensure that everything goes swimmingly: they must, at all cost, not open the trailer. If you want to take any guesses how that goes be my guest, but I’m not wanting to spoil a damn good story any more than’s necessary. Because Mesmo Delivery is, through and through no questions asked, a damn good story.

There’s no moral here, no justification, and the tale as a whole does very little to explain itself or its oddball cast of characters; and that’s just fine with me. In a single collection Grampá creates, disorients, then tears down a world that feels more like an episode of the Twilight Zone than a solitary comic book. Grampá delivers a beautiful kind of ugly (artistically and narratively) with a tale that’s simple yet concise, while still gripping the reader into yearning for more and remaining desperately empty in the wake of whatever mystery we’ve stepped foot into, only to know that some secrets are better left untold.

You’re not gonna have to think too hard through this one, so if you’re looking for some mind melding “Nolan-esque” level of storytelling that will leave you in an existential quagmire… I mean, I guess this could do it, just not for me? That’s not to detract from the plot or story by any means, just that the best way to go into this story is full well expecting an “isolated incident” that’s accompanied by one of the most grotesquely unique and detailed styles of illustration in the industry and that honestly echoes hints of a Tarantino film than another “arthouse” book.

Mesmo Delivery is a captivating display of skill in both world building, character creation, art, and even interesting spins on cliché plot devices by Rafael Grampá and one of my favorite reads to date. It’s the kind of book that makes me wish I could find more of Grampá’s work, but also glad that there’s so little of it out there as to make this read truly unique, and the significance of books like this even more crucial in an industry that seems to be steadily approaching a more “minimalist” feel artistically. And honestly? The only thing I’m left wondering after reading is: what’s in the damn truck?

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