Moon Knight #13

by King on March 26, 2015

Moon Knight #13 Main Image
Writer: Brian Wood Cullen Bunn
Artist: Greg Smallwood Ron Ackins
Colorist: Jordie Diane Bellaire Dan Brown
Publisher: Marvel
You are my priest. This is your congregation.
Under the direction of a new creative team, how’s our boy Spector holding up? Pretty damn fine. On that note, I’m gonna get this off my chest: Issue 12 was not a “shocking” conclusion. Moving on:
First off, Bunn and gang pull no punches – Moon Knight has always had strong supernatural elements and themes, and whereas the first two arcs started off rather tamely (if you consider a sewer butcher and teched-out sniper “tame”) Marc is already back in the mix, now shacked up in the remnants of a rather familiar looking dilapidated building, and haunted by a gathering of ghosts. By the way, in keeping with the whole spirit of “guarding nighttime travelers”, ghosts will heretofore count as “nighttime travelers.” So yeah, something’s haunting the dead and gone, and your boy’s gonna get to the bottom of it.
With the pace and tone set by this issue, along with going through several of the issue synopses to come, it’s clear that Bunn and Ackins’ “contribution” to the series will be a clear and present turn into the overtly supernatural. If I’m to say one thing about the artistic change with this issue, it’s that it’s been the biggest change in the status quo of things. Whereas the shift from Shalvey to Smallwood was rather minor, and even to the “less aware” hardly registerable, Ackins style is clearly more defined (if not erratic) from the get go, focusing a lot more on figure highlights (which can maybe be attributed to Brown) and even definitive facial expressions and gestures. This is not at all to gripe or complain – I quite like it, however much I may miss the minimalist aesthetic and vibe beautifully maintained by the latter arcs.
Issue 13 is a MORE than welcome start to a new arc, and acquaints us with the new team with none of the subtlety of issues 1 or 7; we know who Moon Knight is by now, and the best way to garner our faith is to bloody him up, and get him right in the mix, and Bunn and co. deliver as all get out. The one thing still lingering with me after this issue is the end and, as always I’ll try not spoil anything, if it’s any indication of ‘weird’ this run can get, then I am shaking with anticipation for next issue.

Oh, and one last thing before signing off: Thank you Bunn, Ackins, Palmer, and Brown for taking up the torch and NOT dicking around. 

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