Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (Dr. Aaron Aikman)

by King on November 29, 2014

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 Main Image
Writer/Artist: Dustin Weaver
Publisher: Marvel
If Peter Parker were a more science dedicated, nerdier nerd (which seems almost impossible), he would be Dr. Aaron Aikman. In the latest tale from the Spider-Verse fdgd we come face to face with a The Spider-Man, a hero who watches over his city using Spider-Power in tandem with science/technology to essentially create a less morally obscure “Superior Spider-Man.”
Featuring many elements common to the Spider-Man mythos in the forms of romance, tragedy, science, and of course the totemic nature of those touched by the spider, Weaver delivers a rather fascinating tale from a world that is technologically more progressed than our traditional 616, and commits itself to a more Science-Fiction oriented story, which honestly makes for a whole lot of fun.
My complaint is that I wish Weaver had more time to develop some of the characters introduced, as well as more of the new Spidey’s rogue gallery rather than just focusing upon just the select few in this tale. Regardless, Weaver does well in giving us a new Spider-Man for our interdimensional voyage, but ultimately seems to pace the narrative too quickly, which makes for a story that seems to end rather abruptly. The costume choice is also a little too conflicted for me, as it seems too much an amalgam between the traditional cloth costume interwoven with some technological components, while not wholly lending itself to either. This does little to detract from Weaver’s art, and story as a whole though, and this is a more than welcome entry in the Spider-Verse continuity.  

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