Moon Knight #11

by King on January 24, 2015

Moon Knight #11 Main Image
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Greg Smallwood
Colorist: Jordie Diane Bellaire
Publisher: Marvel
The Fist of Khonshu we once knew is no more – Marc Spectre is defeated, downtrodden, and now finally detained by the NYPD; or so it seems. After successfully thwarting an attempt on an African dictator’s life at the UN building (moral lines are pretty blurred at this point), we last saw Spectre in the custody of the NYPD, only to be handed over to a less than benevolent party. Now he’s sedated and being manhandled like no other – and this time he’s without Khonshu to bail him out.
This issue is clearly more of a focus on Marc’s current situation following the UN fiasco, similar to how issue 10 focused primarily on Dr. Warsame. In fact, we have no idea what’s going on with Khonshu’s new retainer this issue, and I think that weakens it a bit for me. Each issue thus far in this arc has put some type of gear or other in motion: 7 saw Warsame’s latest hitman for hire in action, 8 saw her framing Marc for an attack and hostage situation, whereas 9 and 10 have driven the point home regarding her motives surrounding Marc and Khonshu. But here it seems that while we explore Marc’s latest SNAFU, we don’t get any status relative to the outside world/overarching plot. This isn’t to say it was a bad issue, as from a narrative we actually see a rather different Marc Spectre. With Khonshu, and especially in his current situation, Marc is vulnerable in no position to save the day; all of which makes for a character exploration that falls just short of being truly remarkable.
I’m not trying to be too harsh or overly critical, but for me this may have been (and hopefully will be) the arc’s weakest issue. Art and colors are vivid and fantastic as usual, but the story itself makes too much of an aside in isolating Marc from current events/happenings that it ultimately doesn’t immediately sell me on its importance as an issue. The asymmetrical storytelling through panel arrangement that has been recurrent in this series delivers a strong sense of Marc’s isolation and weakness however, and I think acts as one of the strongest points for the issue.
All in all, Moon Knight is still a great read and at the very least this issue doesn’t at all detract from the series. I wish it had delivered more in terms of relating to the overarching plot, but hey; if we’re this close to the end, this issue could potentially be the most significant one in the series and I just have yet to realize it. If you haven’t already, pick this up. Moon Knight still remains one of Marvel’s strongest titles.

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