Moon Knight #09

by King on November 20, 2014

Moon Knight #09 Main Image
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Greg Smallwood
Colorist: Jordie Diane Bellaire

“Your hypocrisy is incredible.”
Marc Spector is insane, but that’s part of the beauty and intricacy of the character. Following up after last issue’s events, Spector decides to pay a visit to his psychiatrist in an effort to hopefully patch things up. The good doctor then proceeds to take us on a short trip though her childhood, and expands upon the past traumas that made her who she is today, and directed her darker motives.
The creative team does everything right in this issue, not only in terms of character development and exposition, but also in conveying a dialogue that is a clear clash of paradigms between a reformed/conflicted Spector and an uncompromising/resolved victim. The paneling is also spot on and wonderfully nonconventional as well, and helps to really drive home the motifs of Marc’s conflicted nature and multiple personas.
Artwork, coloring, and narrative act in a glorious unison and bring about a HUGE shift in the plotline, as the creative team really kicks things into gear. This might just be the best Moon Knight run yet and let’s hope the momentum isn’t lost anytime soon.

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