Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

by King on November 22, 2014

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 Main Image
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Marco Rudy
Publisher: Marvel

When I first heard about this series, I almost fainted. This is some good ‘ol fashion superhero storytelling right here: From the haunted heights of a mysterious castle to the dizzying depths of the deep seas, the Amazing Spider-Man has to take on not one, not six, not twelve – but ninety-nine of the Marvel Universe’s deadliest villains to save the lives of countless innocents!

Basically, this is a true grit, Spidey against the baddies style story, and that’s EXACTLY how it develops. Pete basically accepts a photo op from the Daily Bugle to make ends meet (as per usu.) and suddenly finds himself victim to a complicated scheme to capture and end the Spider-Man… FOR GOOD. Suitably titled 99 Problems, this first issue delves right into the action as Spider-Man leaps into action to make it through the first leg of this new gauntlet taking on classic and obscure villain alike, in the form of those such as Morbius, Frankenstein, The Shocker, and more!

This is a limited run, and I for one love Kindt’s depiction of Spider-Man’s thought process as he engages his enemies – it’s not too quippy nor corny, and helps to convey the present sense of danger and stress Spidey’s undergoing. Rudy’s art is also insanely mesmerizing and can admittedly be frantic at times, but all the more helps to emphasize not only the levels of stress/danger, but also the more underlying psychological aspects threatening Spidey as well. My hearts beating just writing the review, and I clearly plan on following this run through to the end – for better or worse.

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