Moon Knight #07

by King on October 18, 2014

Moon Knight #07 Main Image
Writer: Warren Ellis Brian Wood
Artist: Declan Shalvey Greg Smallwood
Colorist: Jordie Diane Bellaire
Publisher: Marvel

Let me start by saying: I should have done my research (my bad). With the end of the first arc of this Moon Knight run also came the end of Warren Ellis’s run on the series, leading to a new writer taking the reins, accompanied even by a new illustrator as well. Bellaire remains as colorist, which is great, but the real question is: Can this double dose of wood (low-hanging fruit, I’m aware) carry the torch following Ellis’s and Shalvey’s phenomenal arc?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Hell yes.
Right from the start we’re introduced to a very different, more tech/espionage oriented kind of story than what we’re used to -- which is PERFECT. Considering the episodic nature of the current run, this meshes well with preexisting stories as utilizing a Moon Knight who goes after anything/everything. Smallwood also makes use of very nonconventional paneling/spreads on his pages, as well as glorious displays of onomatopoeias to convey the force events, and you FEEL the force. Bellaire also continues to strongly utilize a darker color palette (as expected), which all the more helps this issue granted its tone and story. Wood himself does nothing to detract from Ellis’s establishment of Spector’s personality, and actually uses just enough dialogue as to not overload the reader, but still grant Smallwood’s art to tell a good deal of the story. Another fashion in which this issue excels is by briefly showing Moon Knight actively interact with the city for once, as he attempts to fight a less corporeal enemy in the form of panic. We also catch a hint of this issue potentially tying into something bigger than itself, and connecting itself to the first arc in such a manner. This issue’s great stuff y’all, and I humble await this new team to proudly carry on the legacy of Marc Spector.

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