Eternal Warrior #7

by kanchilr1 on March 26, 2014

Greg Pak - Writer

Robert Gill - Artist

Guy Major - Colorist

Dave Sharpe - Letterer


Greg Pak pulls of more of his ‘Pakian’ magic in Eternal Warrior #7, and yes I just invented a new word to describe the work of this great author. The writer takes whatever you think is going to happen, and punches it it directly in the face, where he adds some witty dialogue in for good measure. While Eternal Warrior has had some growing pains in it’s first arc, the Future-Verse has been consistently interesting with each and every issue. This one in particular does a good job recapturing the sense of wonder instilled from the first and fifth installments of this series. The plot in this story remains interesting, as The Eternal Warrior will stop at nothing to save his beloved granddaughter. The sense of whimsy that she adds to this tale is an essential part of the fun here. Many lines are twisted in a Whedon-esque manner that will give readers a sense of joy that they associate with those properties. The reveal towards the third act of this issue is by far the best part, but to say anything further would be spoiling the fun.


There are many interactions in this issue in which the reader thinks that they presume exactly what will happen next and then boom. We have seen this consistently between the authors works on tales like the high profile Batman/Superman and books like Turok. It is great to have someone that is willing to take some massive risks with established properties, yet keeping status quota in such an elegant manner. There is a reason why this writer has been working in the industry for nearly a decade. As I mentioned before, the back half of this tale is still the strongest material that has been featured in this story thus far. It teases the fact that things to come could truly be some of the best story that the comic has produced this far. Ultimately, this does exactly what an ongoing comic book is meant to do, make the reader curious enough to purchase the next issue.


Robert Gill’s linework in this series is still a bit scratchy. The artist’s many thick lines can start to grate on the eyes of the audience. If viewers can look past that, they see that is issue is filled with impressive facial expressions and solid storytelling. Gill looks like he still has a ways to go in order to craft his style into something that is more than the sum of its parts, but judging from where he started, he likely is still honing his craft here. It is also quite impressive that the linework on the robots is stunning, they have a slight edge on some of the inconsistent talking heads in this tale. This also makes the sci-fi bend on the tale so intriguing visually. It shows that author Greg Pak was considering the role of the artist when he was crafting this tale. Nonetheless, Gill still keeps the audience visually engaged for the duration of the comic.

Greg Pak and Robert Gill deliver a very strong offering to the Eternal Warrior with this month’s issue. The Pakian magic pays off in spades for those wandering down the rabbit hole along with the author.

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