Unity #3

by kanchilr1 on January 14, 2014

Writing Matt Kindt Artist Doug Braithwaite




The second issue of Unity was a pulse pounding thrill ride that made some serious headway in concluding the conflict in hand. It is difficult to get a solid read on where the series is going right now, due to the fact that the audience is unsure where the conflict is currently headed. Author Matt Kindt has a very difficult juggling process to deal with in terms of the scope surrounding the comic book. While Unity has been a great burst of energy for the larger Valiant line, the work has started to incorporate something bigger than Aric of Dacia. Luckily, with the upcoming Armor Hunters storyline and the art of Doug Braithwaite, readers can rest assured that these minor problems will seem inconsequential to the very interesting story that is currently at hand. After a larger battle scene in the second installment of the series, Unity is going to have to pick up some of the pieces that the fallout left behind.




This issue is centered around Livewire who is definitely the most underdeveloped character in on the current roster. Thankfully, it fleshes her out as a real person with some extremely well written captions. Readers are able to understand the least interesting person in the roster, and a grow some attachment to her. This installment also does a great job refocusing the entire book, with a quick slight of hand towards the end that feels perfectly paced. The first three issues of the comic book will likely feel self contained to most readers enjoying the tale in a collected format. It’s a great to see a big splashy superhero comic book that is not as focused on compressing the plot into one moment per issue, as Unity is rife with all kinds of harrowing plot twists that allows Kindt to throw different characters to hell and back in one issue. There are also many good ideas unleashed at a deft pace that works in service of this tale.




Doug Braithwaite continues to turn in some great work that feels very inspired on each and every page in Unity #3. He is best at drawing splashy action scenes that are peppered throughout this issue, as the artist has a very wide sense of scope. At times, some panels seem unfocused and have too many odd lines in weird places. Braithwaite’s work is surreal when he is drawing flashbacks, which is kind of a double edged sword because, the flashbacks feel strange in an amusing manner, but look weirder than they probably should. The pencilling can also feel too static, as talking heads have too many lines on them that obstructs faces and normalcy. It’s still great that this series looks like nothing else that somebody like Marvel and DC are currently publishing, as the work has a grandiose sense of scale that proves very to be very endearing, which also makes forgive some of the smaller blemishes.


Unity continues to be a thrill ride worthy of Valiant’s line wide high quality standards. The book is unforgettable thanks to Kindt and Braithwaite, who continually have brought life to the adventures of the mismatched heroes that have all banded together in this for this series. To kill a king, it is truly going to take an army.

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