Young Avengers #15

by kanchilr1 on January 09, 2014

Writer: Kieron Gillen


Artists: Becky Cloonan, Jamie McKelvie, Jordie Bellaire, Ming Doyle, Maris Wicks, and Matthew Wilson




Young Avengers has been one of the greatest successes of Marvel Now. It is a title that has kept a distinctive voice while being a big two comic even with editorial and pre-established characters. That is something that should be celebrated. There are so many Avengers book on the market right now that each one should have a voice of it’s own, Young Avengers always has. When comics fans of the medium look back on the series they will remember this incarnation of the book as something that was on par or even better than the Heinberg and Cheung era. For now, readers still have one more exciting chapter before this era draws to a close. The last issue of the after party featured some really exciting character moments combined with a great story. Readers should expect no less from the last entry into the saga.




As readers familiar with Kieron Gillen’s work should now, nightclub sequences are not uncommon regarding the author’s previous series. It is also a great excuse to give the different teen heroes in the Marvel universe to be at one location during a fixed point in time. Another nice Gillen trope that the story has to offer is the actual reference point of the music itself in the story, it shows the attention to detail that the author has to offer. A scene with the new Loki and Prodigy illustrates through words that there is an adept understanding on how to write the new/old villain. The scene following answers the question involving the Patriot that will leave some heads being scratched with disbelief. Even if all of the major questions are not answered here, this is still a very entertaining tale besides, superhero comic books never truly end. All this and the ending scenes add up to another fantastic installment of Young Avengers. This story really felt like the accurate ending to everything being set up over the past year.




Even with the multiple artists contributing to this singular story, there is still a consistent vision that is very well portrayed in the series. Becky Cloonan does a great job delivering some quiet scenes with the different members of the team. Her clean style fits well into any sort of anthology. Ming Doyle does not quite work as well due to the fact that her art clashes directly with Cloonan and Quinones who is up next in the stable of rotating creators. The aforementioned Joe Quinones justifies his jarring switch in pages by adding the desired amount of disorientation to his pencils. When regular Artist Jamie McKelvie comes back to wave all the different heroes into the sunset, readers will be ready to say goodbye to the team in a perfect manner.



Gillen and McKelvie shatter the way we think about sexuality in a superhero book published by the big two, and a had a hell of a time doing so. They produced a material within the confines of a shared universe that had their own unique voice. The two creators knew when to walk away from a great story. This run will go down in history as a cult classic and take it’s rightful place with the previous Young Avengers material.

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