Unity #2

by kanchilr1 on December 12, 2013

Writer Matt Kindt Artist Doug Braithwaite


Unity had some really great ideas flowing through the first issue that led to some awe-inspiring writing from Matt Kindt. Artist Doug Braithwaite also brought his top game to the first chapter, as the artist is finally being considered unleashing that he possesses. The biggest success of the first installment overall, was the fact that as soon as it was done I wanted to dive right into the next issue. One of the best things about Valiant as a publisher, is how it is really willing to take risks as a whole unit. Since the beginning of X-O Manowar to this moment something is really building towards an explosive showdown. That was one of the weaker aspects of the first issue for me, in the way that newer readers may be intrigued and able to follow the plot. However, they do not quite understand the weight, or what the title as a whole has been gearing up for over the past couple of years. That is a tall order for Kindt, and the script for Unity was solid enough that it definitely got some new eyes look at these different franchises.




Kindt does a great job setting the stakes high early on in the issue, with some narration that delivers the sense of spectacle that few comics can. Kindt does a really great job not wasting any space in this story. Amanda gets some much needed characterization, that proves her to be an interesting loose cannon. In the small amount of interaction that the two warring teams have had, there has been a nice amount of fallout. The continuity from the first issue makes it important. The sense of paranoia brought about from the strike team swooping in is adeptly utilized. A twist halfway through the issue keeps readers on their toes, and interested till the very last page of the story being told here. The fight scene in the issue is so incredibly tense, and draws on so many threads that X-O Manowar has been building over the past couple of years. Those that have been really following Valiant longterm will get so much out of this installment of Unity.




Doug Braithwaite continues to blow readers away in the same manner as the first installment. These pages are harsh and not for those who like perfectly clean line work. The reason why it works so well here, is because the story is really gritty by nature. There is a looming sense of dread that permeates in the pages with images Aric staring at a weird filling. One of the few issues with the pencils contained in the issue, is the fact that the images can get far too static at times. People almost look like they are posing, and the storytelling becomes less concise than it should be. Some material also looks slightly rushed towards the latter half of the book, a scene where Harada and X-O clash looks slightly stilted at times. Overall I really feel like Braithwaite is the right choice for the series as a one cohesive artist, he has his flaws, but few could bring the grit and sense of spectacle that he can.



This issue of Unity sets off all the guns being loaded in X-O Manowar for the past year or so. Fans of Valiant cannot afford to miss this giant issue that is one of the best titles you will read this week, and maybe even this year.

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