X-0 Manowar #17

by kanchilr1 on September 17, 2013

Writer Robert Venditti Artist Lee Garbett


X-0 Manowar has been to some really interesting places recently. Planet Death had some really big moments that made Aric of Dacia completely unlikable. When the Eternal Warrior began to call him on some of the poor decisions that he has made, Aric portrayed his arrogance in a very direct manner. The poor behavior led to fight with the two forces of nature that concluded with titular hero making a lethal enemy. This string of issues was very well written by Robert Venditti, who has no problem showing the darker aspects of the one wielding the sacred armor of Shannara. There was also a sneak peak towards a forgotten character, who split ways with the team towards the end of the first arc. There is much to love about the current incarnation of X-0 Manowar, and readers have no idea where the writer is going to go next.


The study of anti-heroes has been a major trend over the last few years of television and comics. The Visigoth protagonist in this title walks an interesting line right down the middle of the standard villain archetype. This issue shows that if he does not change the leadership he attributes toward his people, certain death will be upon them. The upcoming Unity presents a team of individuals, seeking the blood of the character who makes an immeasurable amount of mistakes in his leadership. There is a fair amount of deception within the ranks of these minority characters, proving the Manowar is in way over his head. Alexander’s appearance in the issue highlights some of the mismanagement that could lead to the massive fallout with the government. This major shift in the tone of this comic has begun to start paying off in this issue in particular. These issues will really show if the hero has what it takes to save his people from massive fallout.


Lee Garbett delivered some gorgeous art on the series as of late. Hopefully the artist will continue to define the visual language of this great title going forward. The opening scenes with the child show some of his range, as many modern superhero artists have trouble drawing normal children. Flashback scenes also take on a brighter style that gives a refreshing change of pace to the fairly dire series. The yellows, oranges, and browns by color artist Moose Baumann are excellent. The stylistic choices diversify the comic book and should continue to serve as a story technique to the issue. In comparison to the other scenes, the regular feature of this narrative can seem kind of dull artwise. The insane layouts from previous installments are absent. In the coming chapters, hopefully the book will not look quite as dull and more chances will be taken.


X-0 Manowar feels as if it is headed towards a larger conflict. In comics which continue to be published each and every month, the feeling that something is coming lends itself towards great storytelling. Readers can smell the passion that both Garbett and Venditti have for the character in the quality of work provided on the comic.

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I just finished the first two trades of X-O Manowar, great story so far! I'm glad to hear I still have many more great issues to enjoy!