Uncanny X-Force #9

by kanchilr1 on July 31, 2013

The Team 
Writer Sam Humphries Artist Dalibor Talajic, Adrian Alphona

Uncanny X-Force has made a sharp right turn with the introduction of Sam Humphries writing the title. Many in the comics press have disliked his run on the title, others have remarked how it is polarizing. All critics seem to agree on one thing about the title, This direction was incredibly risky. Fans of the previous series are going to feel alienated from the book, to a certain degree that is okay. Many who have taken a critical eye to this series are mad about the direction and not paying attention to the actual content. Many have also remarked about how this comic does not respect what came before, this also proves untrue because of the continuity the writer is directly playing with. In a major couple when one of the individuals is split into three people, there is going to be some drama no matter which you slice the story. To the others that have shown issue with the relationship they all seem to forget to discuss one simple thing. Fantomex is completely insane! There is no reason why he should ever work in a relationship context due to all of the insane quirks that he has.

Uncanny X-Force #9 marks the greatest script yet from Humphries. The brawl contained in this issue is absolutely stirring. The betrayal is also a nice little plot twist foreseeable from a mile away. The way that three characters begin to parallel together towards the conclusion of this issue is really quite beautiful. Betsy is also toned down in this title, she has so much to deal with. A question of whether or not she will ever see true happiness is raised. At a certain point in the continuing adventures of X-Force it would be wonderful for her to catch a break and just be happy for an extended period of time. The flashbacks also come to a head on the title. The saga of what actually happened was very interesting, judging from internet reaction is it not something that any readers or critics of the series saw coming.

The biggest weakness that the title has going for it is the art right now. The different styles do not mesh the way that they are suppose to in the book. The silver lining here is Ramon Perez who is coming on for a small stint on the title. So much of the visual language is in the air regarding this book, and hopefully someone like him can get it straight. For now the twin styles of Adrian Alphona and Dalibor Talajic do not seem to mesh well enough together in the title. The only similar theme between the two artists, is that there styles are both completely bizarre. A shout out to the awesome cover drawn by Kris Anka needs to be given here. The concept is so incredibly unique, and the execution is masterfully delivered. A fan of the series cannot help but wish that the artist was on the interiors of the titles.

This side arc of Uncanny X-Force has really shown the scope of the material presented by the new writer. Hopefully fans will get back on board with this title eventually because it still retains a high level of quality. This side story with Fantomex is really a make or break moment for fans in the current incarnation of the series.

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