Daredevil #29

by kanchilr1 on July 31, 2013

The Team
Writer Mark Waid Artist Javier Rodriguez

Daredevil has recently ended the multiple year story arc in which readers were heavily invested in. This sparked some worry from many fans of this incredible series. The last issue of the comic proved that fans should know better, as Waid pulled out another beautiful installment of the book. This title is written in a way that it almost feels improvisational to the story, at times the energy feels so inspired that it would not be an absurd scenario in the making of the book. At a recent convention Waid through this conceived notion out and talked about how this series takes time to develop. This maybe the comic book version of ice skating, it looks deceptively simple but difficult to pull off. This is a technique that continues to inspire individuals, as people we like to feel under that right scenario we can do anything with ease,

There are so many brilliant sequences within this comic that are a testament to the combined prowess of the creative team. It is truly amazing to see two people trusting each other in order to figure out how to make an average scene incredible. There are nine moments in this issue that show the potential of what this medium is capable of when collaboration is in perfect sync. This comic is so good because these sequences come in addition to stellar artwork and a wonderful plot. The idea of extreme paranoia is something that this title constantly plays with. Each time the technique is employed it is done so in a slightly different way. This installment highlights one of crowning achievements in the narrative technique. Another wonderful sense of intrigue is left on the last page, who is this mystery person. The answer is vast as it could be anyone in the Marvel Universe, and it gets readers very interested in the next issue.

Javier Rodriguez pulls out some pencils that nobody quite knew he had coming. In the past he had some nice artwork, but his Daredevil is a masterpiece all his own. What makes the artist truly frightening, is the fact that he also colors his work here. Colors in the series are so bright, yet the tone of the story at hand is always changing. When the colors fade out and the radar sense is used the effect remains stunning. While regular artist Chris Samnee has an incredible amount of craft, Rodriguez is no slouch. In fact the work is almost matched by each artist in it’s level of sheer brilliance. The best part about the pencils here is the fluidity of the story at they seem to allow. Comic books are never better than when the illusion of motion is created. This is a book that will suck readers are in, and refuse to spit them out until the credits page.

This is yet another great issue of this series, I for one am tired of saying that. This comic rarely takes any missteps and is as close to perfection as a serialized story can possibly be. This is yet another crowning achievement in the famed comic book series.

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