Wolverine #3

by kanchilr1 on May 13, 2013

Wolverine is an incredibly difficult beast to write, It is something that a man would not wish on his worst enemy. This task seems like one that the incredible writer Paul Cornell should be capable of. Three issues later the results are definitely mixed, It seems like the writer cannot quite get a handle on the exact tone he is trying to create in the issue. On the cover the main characters are smiling, but this series is supposed to be a drama? In the back of the second issue the writer wrote a detailed piece about how this title was going to start trying some experimental measures. This is a great idea and one that could be necessary to keep this character interesting in the future. While the first two issues were stumbling over a simple plot and some decompression problems, this third issue adds a large amount to the mythos of this series. Cornell is truly a great writer that must have some great stories with the character somewhere in his vast mind, hopefully this issue is the start.

The characters introduced here were the scene stealing part of the issue, their Personalities were all unique and also quite interesting. Plot is all over the wall in this issue in particular, which loosely focuses on a device that takes control of the owner. A hideaway secret bar where superheroes go to regenerate is something that should interest readers. It seems like writer Cornell is at his best when a bar is involved in any sort of story. The new characters at the bar in question explain how they profit from the craziness that Wolverine induces when goes on his destruction rampages. Nick Fury Jr. has a line of dialogue in this scene that is both insightful and funny, when he mentions that the titular hero has found himself yet another team. Both of these characters are over saturated in the Marvel Universe right now, so when writers use them, they need new angles to use.

Artist Alan Davis has fun pencils that are filled with energy, yet are simply not for everyone. Art is a matter of personal taste and while his pencils are not bad, they are also not incredible. Lines are rounded and brash which fills the comic with a vibe that suits the writer well. When our main character is in full costume Davis’s pencils seem to come together better. Often artists end up using the same poses for characters over and over again, which is why it is great to seeing the series artists bucking the trend. This issue in particular has a great cover by the penciller, which features characters striking poses and smiles. The yellow robots contained within the issue are ridiculous and hopefully were meant to be over the top in the context of the story.

Hopefully Wolverine is going somewhere as new things were just announced for the title. The series artists and writers need to start upping their game in these issues, but they are slowly getting better. This issue was big turning point in terms of quality, let’s keep fingers crossed for these talented creators to find their voice on the title.

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