Young Avengers #4

by kanchilr1 on April 25, 2013

Young Avengers continues to carve out a specific niche amongst the crowded Avengers franchise. Gillen and McKelvie have a youthful attitude that has permeated throughout the entire run thus far. Anyone who has consistently read the title can notice the quality and care put into  developing each member of the cast. This chapter of the title continues to feature an interesting mix of old and new members of the team including the re-introduction of the ever charming Kate Bishop.
The opening sequence of this issue with Marvel Boy, or Noh-Varr as the character demands to be called, is truly great. This sense of motion that is rarely achieved in a medium full of static pictures is fully realized. It is truly amazing when talented creators utilize the medium of comics in ways that only this artform can entertain people. Accolades to artist Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton must be given. The two artists exude the youthful vibe cultivated by Gillen.You can tell the team is having fun with this title trying new things. This is especially true with panel placement, rarely does a page in this series have a normal layout. Another piece of the genius in the art team is the way facial expressions can sell comedic timing in an issue. Comedic timing is difficult to utilize in a comic, which is a testimony to how truly amazing it is when a writer and artist can go into a nearly perfect synchronization with each other. A sequence with Captain America and Thor will have the audience in stitches due to the way it is drawn. In fact a mainstay of the series so far is having quieter more comedic moments peppered throughout the action. Last issue contained a sequence between Volstagg and Heimdall that was funny but also touching and in the same vein as the previous scene in this issue.

The characters of this story are in a constant state of flux with an interesting story arc. Noh-Varr apparently has feelings for Kate Bishop as this issue seems to develop. Loki is still incredibly evil in almost every way and readers continue to have no idea what in Odin’s name he is up too in the series! The relationship between Hulkling and Wiccan is also being contorted by Loki. The characters all seem to be developing in different ways, hopefully this is a trend that will sustain itself throughout the series.

One place where the story falls short is in the villains, while fighting parents are definitely amusing the threat is not all that imposing. The antagonists simply feel as if they are something for the Young Avengers to be scared of and punch. In future issues the stakes between the characters will need to be raised higher in order to keep the reader interested in the story at hand.
If readers are looking for quality writing and art, Young Avengers should be on their pull list. Each issue has consistently been nothing short of great. Marvel is in the business of publishing titles that are simply fun to read and enjoy and this is no exception.

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