Civil War II #2

by Kalem Lalonde on June 17, 2016

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Marquez

While certainly having his strengths, Brian Michael Bendis has not proven to be the superstar event writer he could be. The community’s view of this event is falling into line with that reputation. Civil War II suffers from never finding the scope of its predecessor or even the promise of its title. A war between superheroes requires incredibly high stakes and while Bendis has made this conflict very personal, it hasn’t quite reached any of those stakes. Where Bendis truly does excel is in his writing of Tony Stark. With issue #2, Civil War II feels even more like an Iron Man comic. Tony kidnaps Ulysses to examine his powers and Bendis makes it very clear that Tony lost apart of himself when his best friend passed. He is not capably processing his grief and he is being consumed by it. This is certainly one of the most interesting versions of Iron Man we’ve seen in quite some time. As for the art, David Marquez succeeds in all fronts in this issue. He nails the emotion of the characters and brings such a dynamic feel to the book. Marquez certainly is the all-star of Marvel’s latest event. Ultimately though, the great portrayal of Stark, strong character interactions, and phenomenal art are not enough to elevate this comic to greatness. The conflict feels too weak for something that wants to be so big.   

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