Power Man and Iron Fist #2

by Kalem Lalonde on March 19, 2016

Writer: David Walker
Artist: Sanfrod Greene 

Power Man and Iron Fist is an All-New All-Different Marvel title that absolutely lived up to its high expectations. Its debut issue was exactly what it needed to be: a simple and fun return for Marvel’s classic duo. The principle reason behind this comic’s success is David Walker’s rendition of the hilarious and endearing dynamic between Luke and Danny. Luke is a reluctant, and retired hero who denies his longing for crime-fighting while Danny just wants to have fun with his best friend. This dynamic works perfectly for comedy but it also adds a strong emotional core at the heart of this series. Despite how irritated Luke is with Danny, he still loves him like a brother. The little moments where that comes through is when this comic truly shines. For his part, Sanford Greene perfectly brings Walker’s fun tone and dynamic characters to life. Greene’s art resembles the likes of Sean Phillips, with a lighter and more enjoyable feeling. This series is slowly climbing its way up to essential Luke Cage and Iron Fist reading material!

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