New Avengers #33

by Kalem Lalonde on May 01, 2015

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Mike Deodato 

Hey CTG readers, unfortunately after my lengthy Age of Ultron review, I won’t be able to give a full treatment to this week’s Avengers comics. -Kalem

This title may be coming to a close but Hickman’s final story is just beginning. Time Runs Out mainly focused on different players every issue and this final issue sheds light into the role of Victor Von Doom in this multiversal conflict.

The comic is a big Hickman info dump, but like most of Hickman’s comics, it works nonetheless. The way that he writes Doom is so perfect that everything else in this book could have been terrible and I still would’ve liked it. Thankfully, almost everything is on point here.We are finally given an explanation for all the incursions and it is very satisfying for the loyal readers of this series. It stays true to the themes and characters of the story and doesn’t feel underwhelming even if it isn’t a huge plot twist.

The comic doesn’t offer much in terms of closing the book which doesn’t bother me much because Secret Wars is the culmination of Hickman’s story. It’s not fair to look for a conclusion in a comic that is essentially a prelude to the story’s final arc.

Mike Deodato gets the chance to pencil the last issue and as usual he is a fine welcome. He conveys the dire tone of the book perfectly while drawing an astounding Doctor Doom. His Doom is expressive and imposing in all the ways you want him to be.

New Avengers #33 is not a conclusion but rather a necessary exposition issue heading into Secret Wars. The comic succeeds in bringing Hickman’s excellent handle on Doom to the forefront, making the twists and story beats all the better. 

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