Darth Vader #4

by Kalem Lalonde on April 18, 2015

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Salvador Lorroca

Marvel’s Star Wars line has been nothing short of awesome and Darth Vader has quite possibility been the best of it. Kieron Gillen incorporates a masterful sense of character into this series that drives it through a rather uneventful plot. That’s been my main issue with this book and I’ve been waiting for Gillen to kick things into gear. Finally, I felt as though the end of this issue has started the ongoing story I was waiting for.

The entirety of this issue is essentially set-up but the amount of character moments spread throughout and the story Gillen is building towards make up for that. Vader is still the tragic figure and iconic villain that we fell in love with in the original trilogy. Gillen writes this character with finesse and insight. Vader is not an easy character to portray right and Gillen, fortunately is just the man for the job.

He also has added a group of supporting characters that bolster the comic. Vader is not a lucrative character and Gillen manages to keep this comic complete with his evil C3P0 and Indiana-Jones style partner for Vader. The latter is the best addition to the cast of this series, bringing an amazing sense of dread to the presence of Vader. She understands who he is and she rightfully fears him and feels intimidated when close to him. That aspect of her character made her very relatable and I think that’s what made this issue my favourite of the series. It’s tricky to get readers to connect to a story when following one of the most malevolent forces in the galaxy and Gillen evidently knows this. Making Darth Vader #4 all the better.

Salvador Lorroca also improves the quality of his work. The only thing holding his art back were his lackluster faces and this issue shows immense improvement on that front. Lorroca still pencils Vader flawlessly and brings the visual quality you would expect from such a high profile book.

Darth Vader’s solo book has been a wonderful look into the Dark Lord of the Sith. Gillen and Lorroca handle the character masterfully and inject aspects of relatability with the supporting crew. We’re finally starting to explore the story more and that’s all this book needed to jump into a higher realm of greatness. 

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