Darth Vader #3

by Kalem Lalonde on March 26, 2015

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Salvador Lorroca 

There’s a unique charm to Kieron Gillen’s Darth Vader book. Up to this point, it hasn’t had a very firm direction for the storyline but the comic remained a great read nonetheless. This issue, while being a big set-up issue retained the quality of this series. Kieron Gillen has captured the dark side of the force in glorious fashion with “Darth Vader”.

Gillen starts this issue off with introducing a new player into this series, Aphra. This issue spends a lot of time introducing ideas and characters and all of them meshed very well with the world Vader’s solo-series. Aphra’s nervousness humanized her well because Vader is such an intimidating presence. They shared a good dynamic that will hopefully build layers in upcoming issues.

It’s good that Gillen has implemented someone for Vader to play off of because he’s a relatively quiet character. In the best way possible. Gillen makes Vader’s presence felt throughout this issue. He doesn’t appear for the first 8 pages but when he does, it’s remarkable. I could hear the imperial march playing in my head as he arrived and felt the fear his enemies were feeling. He’s an incredibly subtle and powerful villain and just incredibly compelling. Gillen has mastered Vader’s voice, his presence and his psyche. There is no other writer that should be on this book.

Salvador Lorroca returns to art duties in his strongest showing to date. His faces were a minor problem in past issues, but he improves here with Aphra. Though the high-point of his art has always been his rendition of Vader. Gillen writes him perfectly and Lorroca draws him perfectly. This is the best work of Lorroca’s career and I want him to stay on this book until the very end. His art bolsters the comic in tone and in quality with every page.

If you were waiting for this series to find a stronger footing in terms of the story, this is the issue you were waiting for. After spending two issues of setting up the tone and setting of this series, Kieron Gillen is getting to his real story. Although, this issue is merely a set-up for that but it remains great nonetheless. This comic captures Vader in every way that you would hope for and that’s what makes it so good. 

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