Daredevil #13

by Kalem Lalonde on February 26, 2015

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee

These last couple of years have been a great period of time for Daredevil fans. Mark Waid took the character in new and unexpected directions that captivated us all. Though, all good things must come to an end as Waid kicks his final arc off this week with Daredevil #13. There’s never any doubt that Daredevil will be a great read but this issue exceeds that status. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee kick off their swan song to Daredevil with a standout issue that should be read by every Daredevil fan out there.

Where this issue succeeds best is within the brief character interactions between action. Mark Waid has such a firm grasp on every character’s voice which was truly emphasized, here. Foggy Nelson is portrayed as Matt Murdock’s guiding hand that reminded me why these true really are the best friends in comics. Matt himself is also given a great deal of solid moments as Waid explores how he reacts in the face of existential anxiety. Theses sort of humanizing elements are the principle reasons that Daredevil is my favourite Marvel and it’s great to have Waid incorporate them into this series.

In terms of tone, Waid mixes the light with the dark quite aptly. The darker elements of the comic involve Leland Owleys watching over Murdock and plotting against him. Waid successfully turned the villain into and intimidating and frightening figure at the beginning of this run and I think he’ll be a good antagonist to close this story off. He isn’t given any lines or many pages but he definitely instills a sense of unpredictability and danger through expressions alone.

On the other side of things, Kirsten McDuffie is here to lighten things up and give us the smiles you expect from this series. Her independence is brought to the forefront in this issue as Waid shows us that she slightly envies Matt life as a Superhero and she doesn’t want him to cast a shadow over her. She’s not concerned about her safety, she’s concerned about falling under the trap of being a side-character in the long-running adventures of Matt Murdock. I don’t know how this is going to end between her and Matt but I’m hoping they can get past their underlying issues. They form quite the couple!

Chris Samnee returns to make his magic this week. At this point, Samnee has solidified himself as one of the greatest artist to ever work on this character and his hot-streak of incredible drawings has yet to falter. As always, his style perfectly complements Waid’s writing but he also creates a lot of original panels that help bolster the tone of this great comic.

At this point, I would be mind-blown if I read a bad issue of Daredevil. Every single issue has made me smile and I will sorely miss Waid’s handle on Matt Murdock’s world come June. Daredevil #13 kicked off Waid’s final arc on the book with strong set-up and brilliant character moments. He doesn’t dwell on planting the seeds for his finale as he gives this issue the life, heart and character that has made this book so special. Once again, Waid and Samnee knock it out the park. 

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