Unethical #1

by Kalem Lalonde on February 01, 2015

Hey CTG readers,
Two weeks ago, my Journalism teacher got a college student named Matthew to come into our class and talk to us about graphic design at college and the path he’s taken to get there. So during his presentation, he started talking about an indie comics publisher that he created called Alchemic Archetypes and the comic that he wrote and pencilled called Unethical. After the presentation, I went to talk to him and offered to review his comic. Matt seems to be a great guy so it’d be awesome if we could give him some support and check out his website: http://www.alchemicarchetypes.com/

Anyway, here’s my unbiased review of Unethical #1.

I’m not much of an indie comics guy. I read a lot of image but I haven’t immersed myself into the world of independent publisher’s and obscure names all that much. But I’m quite glad that I discovered Unethical and started to expand my knowledge. Unethical is actually quite an enjoyable comic if you like simple, fun stories. We’re introduced to a plot that will certainly lead to a cool sci-fi story about two friends hired by a corporation to hunt and kill a drug lord.

The book gets right to the point and the protagonists are hunting in full force by the end of the issue. For the plot that may be a strong choice but for the characters on the other hand, I thought there could be a bit more set-up. Their personalities are conveyed decently through dialogue but I don’t feel like we got to know these two enough in this first issue. I’m not intrigued of invested in them, unfortunately. Which also says a bit about their dynamic. The two share good banter but I never felt a strong sense of camaraderie that could’ve strongly bolstered this issue.

For the art duties, Matt does a fairly good job. There isn’t meticulous detail to his pencils but it’s certainly good to look at. It’s his story and obviously, the art is going to be well synchronised with the writing. But at times, his figures can be a little inconsistent. While being simplistic, I did like the art, even though it didn't highten my enjoyment of the comic all that much. 

Overall, I enjoyed Unethical #1. It’s not the most profound story out there but it has a fun story, fun dialogue and cool art. I would recommend you go read it online for FREE on the website linked above. If you’re in the mood to read something simple and entertaining, Unethical is worth your time.

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