Original Sin #2 (of 8)

by Kalem Lalonde on November 23, 2014

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Mike Deodato 

After a slow, yet great first issue, Original Sin is back with the same flaws and strengths of its opener. The strange character pairings are fantastic. Punisher and Doctor Strange get 2 pages in this issue that are a standout. Aaron does a great job of writing both characters and the world they’re investigating is beautifully drawn by Deodato. Aaron writes classic Nick Fury perfectly. He’s given a fun chase sequence which was the only other standout scene of this issue for me. “Now, let’s go read this thing its damn rights. You got the right to go to hell. Any questions?” That is perfection right there. Aaron takes time to add layers to the mystery he is building. There are many layers to the nature of the Watcher’s demise and the writing is doing a fine job representing that. If anything, this series is mysterious and intriguing.

This issue, however has quite a few flaws. For one, the pacing is extremely slow. The final page of this issue is probably where the first one should have ended. I understand that the mystery needs building and the pairings need setup, but I feel a little underwhelmed by where the story has headed in its first quarter. Secondly, near the end of this issue, Aaron introduces another Mindless One. This is problematic for artistic reasons. Deodato draws him precisely the way he draws the Thing. The only difference is that their rocks are different colors. This caused a lot of confusion for me and a lot of other readers. It’s a minor problem, but needs mentioning. Lastly, I’m still concerned about the numerous teams of investigators. We didn’t even get a chance to catch up with Bucky’s team this issue and the plot is still moving at a snail’s pace. I don’t think Aaron is going to capably balance all the teams while moving the plot along adequately. 

Overall, Original Sin is shaping up decently. Aaron may have put a bit too much on his plate for him to handle. The pairings are fun, however the amount of pairings detract from the quality of the series. One can only move a plot along so much when you have to catch up with 4 groups of characters every issue. Deodato remains a perfect fit for this series despite the awkward character design near the end of this issue. 

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