Original Sin #1 (of 8)

by Kalem Lalonde on November 23, 2014

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Mike Deodato

Writer's note: Hey everyone! Andrew (King) and I will be taking a look at the Original Sin crossover this week. I'll be reviewing 1-4 and he'll be reviewing 5-8. Fun fact, this was actually the first review I've ever written. 

Recently, comic book events have been on an upswing. From the grandiose scale story that was “Infinity” to the great character-piece that is “Forever Evil”. Now comes Original Sin, Marvel’s 2014 event and it seems to be continuing that trend. If you’ve been following the marketing, you know that the Watcher is shot and the premise of this story is the murder mystery ensuing. Before this event occurs however, there are 4 pages dedicated to the sort of narration Aaron uses in his magnificent Thor run. This narration didn’t add much to the issue and was overall detrimental. It wasn’t clunky, but it felt redundant. The rest of the issue was quite-good despite feeling like a set-up issue. Jason Aaron’s character work is brilliant here. He’s set up a couple different teams of heroes that are quite interesting. The standout being Punisher and Doctor Strange. I am a little worried that Aaron won’t be able to balance these different teams’ explorations perfectly, though. There's a risk of the story lacking focus but I'm hoping for the best!
The art is quite stellar. However, I may be a tad biased (Mike Deodato is one of my favourites). He captures the dark tone of the series quite well with perfect shadow-work and great character design.

Overall, in spite of its slow pace, Original Sin is off to a great start. The intriguing mystery alongside the great character work is captivating. Mike Deodato has a strong showing, bolstering the script with his awesome artwork! 


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