Wytches #2

by Kalem Lalonde on November 14, 2014

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Jock

Scott Snyder has time and time again proven himself to be a masterful storyteller. All of his comics are an absolute joy to read and Wytches is no exception. The first issue was not only a frightening piece of horror, it also had some of the great tension filled, human moments that Snyder is so talented at writing. Wytches’ sophomore issue continues to establish this comics’ eerie tone, three-dimensional characters and compelling plot with the same quality you’ve come to expect from this fantastic writer.

The comic opens up with a very touching scene between the Rooks’ family father Charlie and his brother Reggie. They discuss Charlie’s feelings towards the recent events with his daughter and wife which brought more depth to his character and showed a great bond between the brothers. The contents of the scene are enhanced by Scott Snyder’s fantastic dialogue, who is able to represent emotions using perfect wording. The strong showing of character isn’t exclusively reserved for these two, however. In its debut, I thought Wytches hadn’t explored Lucy (the mother) past a superficial level. This is quickly repaired as we see her thoughts about the outcome of her accident and her arising feelings of uselessness. This issue is full of great character development for some very interesting people considering the series is only at its second issue.

I’ve read a few other reviews for this issue and a lot of people are stating that the pacing of this series is too fast and Snyder isn’t building up to confrontation or reveals enough and is instead just rushing towards the action and scares. I would disagree because I believe the pacing of this issue to have been perfect. There is still so much mystery to this series and Snyder hasn’t revealed much yet. He’s diving into confrontations but we may not get anything out of them, and I think people are being quick to judge. This issue started off very calm and quiet and increased the panic and feeling of urgency very slowly until the final few pages. Snyder built towards chaos very meticulously and used his pages perfectly in order to make the final pages feel extremely crazy and meaningful. The next issue is shaping up to be a roller coaster and I don’t know why you would complain about that.

Jock returns on art duties and does a great job. His pencils are slick and are capable of depicting emotion very strongly. His horror elements are also very strong, with the design for the wytches making my spine tingle. Another aspect of the art that stood out to me was the unique coloring by Matt Hollingsworth. The colorist spread rain drops of lighter colors throughout the entire comic. I’m guessing Snyder deliberated asked for this and it has a symbolic meaning or a connection to the wytches. Either way I found it very unique and pleasant to the eye.

Wytches is a scary series but doesn’t lack the keen emotion Scott Snyder is capable of writing. There’s an alarming sense of urgency throughout this comic that brings out the best of the horror genre. If you’re a fan of Scott Snyder or horror comics you owe it to yourself to pick this series up. 

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