Deadly Class #11

by Jose R. on February 17, 2015

Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: Wes Craig & Lee Loughridge


High school is a tough time, especially when you've cheated on the girlfriend that once cut her ex-boyfriend's throat.


Marcus, Maria, Saya and the rest of the gang have launched an assault against the redneck family and their leader, whom once upon a time, tortured Marcus at their old orphanage. But oddly enough, this issue's (and the last issue too) focus is on the love triangle between Marcus, Maria, and Saya.


But of course, the plan is going absolutely terrible. The Rednecks were ready and the tension between our three main characters has gone out of control. Remender carefully built the tension throughout this arc, leading to a fight (or fights) that you knew was going to happen and needed to see. The end results are extremely bloody.


Speaking of bloody, Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge held nothing back for this issue, in terms of violence. The art continues to be one of the two great that stand out about this book for me, the other being how oddly relatable the characters are.


This issue has everything; it was funny, violent, dramatic, shocking, and all-around crazy. The next two months are going to be tortuous.  

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